Particularly for You - P. Lyons



That is so—God's heart is toward men, toward the whole human race, for the gospel is for man universally, yet it is for you particularly. What do we not owe to God ? Every heart-beat we owe to Him, and He has been interested in every one of them ; but for Him your heart would long ago have stopped its beating ! He has surrounded every one of us with the tokens of His mercy, the glorious sun in the heavens, the air, the food; look around your table at meal-time and see the infinite and detailed care of your God! 

God is at work, He is yearning over you and appealing to you ; He wants to have you for Himself for ever! He would draw you to Himself, asHe did here.  The destitute sought Jesus; the gospels are full of a glorious company secured for God ; many of them despised on earth, drawn from all classes, they form a wonderful host of saved and satisfied persons. God is adding to that host the world over, and one prays that He may add others. God would make Christ indispensible to you. Myriads have found the answer to all their woes in Christ; they were all destitute.  With what joy the Lord Jesus welcomed them !  What joy He gave them. They became His for time and eternity, and He became theirs. How blessedly has God come to the rescue of His fallen creature !

You may say, ' What have we to do ? '   Ah ! let go your pride, self-vindication, and take the only place before God which suits a guilty crea­ture ; take that place in repentance, dear friend, there is room for you there ! People who are at the Saviour's feet never find that place overcrowded ; and they are welcomed there as only God can welcome His creature. I beg of you, be simple, own there is nothing but sin and need in you, and you will find nothing but forgiveness in Him for the guilty; yea, everything you need for time and eternity is at this moment for you in the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has made provision for human need. Jesus was forsaken of God at Calvary's cross ! Think of it! So that you might never be forsaken. Repent­ant, broken heart, put Him to the test today ! His power is marvellous ! He will set you free from the haunting fear of death, and from the burden of sin and misery in this poor world ; He will do everything for you, for time and eternity.   He is indispensable to God;  God cannot do without him, how can you ?

The only way to make sure of Christ is to put your trust in Him now; the feeblest cry for mercy He will meet, and with faith in Christ comes repentance; you judge yourself, you write yourself off a total wreck.  We have all had to do it, and the only regret we have is that we did not do it earlier! The number is beyond counting of the many who have put Christ to the test, in a long or short life, and they are all unanimous that there is nobody like Christ!   We want you to add your testimony to that!  What a marvelous provision God has made for man's blessing !  What a message the Gospel is!   Far and wide it is going today!

"Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this Man is preached unto you the forgive­ness of sins; and by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses," Acts 13 : 38, 39.

To commit sins is easy, but their removal is another matter. I beg of you to take warning ! You may never have another opportunity to escape eternally the solemn vengeance of the God of whom it is said, "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity," Habakkuk 1:13. Why not embrace the marvel­lous opportunity now which is yours, of facing in your soul with God the solemn issue of eternity ? We beg of you to participate in the sacred meeting between the Saviour and the sinner, on God's own glorious terms. If you humbly bow to Jesus you will find God will receive you and fill your heart with joy; He will give you the Holy Spirit, to be His power in you to lift you out of the wreckage of this doomed world, and link you up already with Christ and His own. There is no alternative for man to the divine proposals of the gospel; how worthy are these proposals of the God who makes them! They are gathered up in one word—Christ !

I beg of you to seek Him in simplicity now ; tell him the worst—He knows it but would hear from your own lips the confession of your sin. His answer will be, " Thy sins are forgiven . . . thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace," Luke 7 :49, 50. He will take you up, and see you through ; and at last will have you eternally in His presence and glory, with all His saved ones. He is worthy to be your Lord and Master; no one is so worthy of your confidence as the Lord Jesus Christ! I pray that this hour may be memorable in your soul for time and eternity, the precious hour when He, the seeking Saviour, found you, the repenting sinner.

P. Lyon