"speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and chanting with your heart to the Lord;"


The following is an index to hymns from "Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock" selected in 1856 and subsequently revised in 1881, 1932, and 1951.  It should be stated that not only is this edition - 1951 - long out of print but as no copyright information is indicated anywhere in the hymn book it is felt that individual hymns can be reproduced as they are here for the enjoyment of Christians everywhere.

Something from the preface of 1881 should here be stated:  "Three things are needed for a hymn book.  A basis of truth and sound doctrine.  Something at least of the spirit of poetry, though not poetry itself, which is objectionable, as merely the spirit and imagination of man; and thirdly, the most difficult to find of all, that experimental acquaintance with truth in the affections which enables a person to make his hymn (if led of God to compose one) the vehicle in sustained thought and language of practical grace and truth" and then, farther on, "The book is commended to Him who alone can give songs in the night."

Index to Hymns

2. Father, `twas Thy love that knew us

4. Thine is the love, Lord, that draws us together,

7. Lord, in Thee we taste the sweetness

10. For ever with Thee, Lord,

11. Thou art the blest incarnate Word,

12.  Sing without ceasing, sing

13.  Lord, on the throne Thy love's the same

16.  The Saviour, Jesus, who is He?

17.  Art thou lonely, heavy laden?

20.  To God - alone

21.  Holy Comforter, divine

23.  How good is the God we adore,

26.  Father, Thy love our portion is,

27.  Lord, we do not ask the question,

33.  Come, Prince of Peace, for now

36.  Hail to the Lord's Anointed,

37.  "In Christ Jesus" - new creation

40.  "Look unto Me!" the Saviour cries;

41.  Lord, together Thee recalling,

43.  What cheering words are these! -

44.  Lord Jesus Christ, in all thy grace,

47.  Blest Lord, Thou spakest! `twas Thy voice

51.  O Lord, Thy love's unbounded,

54.  How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

55. Through waves, through clouds and storms,

62.  God of the universe,

63.  Father, to Thee a joyful song we raise

72.  Our God whom we have known,

74.  Rest of the saints above

75.  Jesus, our Lord, Thy worthiness we sing,

76.  Rise, my soul, thy God directs thee,

77.  Lord, we love to trace Thy footprints

79.  God and the Lamb - `tis well

81.  O Lord, Thy glory we behold,

85.  There is rest for the weary soul -

86.  Through the love of God our Saviour

88.  Thou gav'st us, Father, in Thy love,

89.  Blest Spirit of adoption

92.  What raised the wondrous thought,

93.  Hope of the waiting pilgrim's heart,

94.  Father, Thy own unbounded love

95.  Take Thou our hand, Lord Jesus,"

96.  Our God and Father, we delight to share

103.  We'll sing of the Shepherd that died,

104.  We wait for Thee, O Son of God

105.  Glory, glory everlasting

111.  `Tis the truest joy and blessing

114.  Lord Jesus, source of every grace,


115.  Lead on Almighty Lord

118.  Glory be to God the Father,

119.  Our God and Father, we draw near to Thee

122.  Blest Lord, Thy love's unbounded

131.  O Lord, with our ears and hearts open,

133.  O the wonder of the moment!

134.  We sing to Thee, Lord Jesus,

135.  Thee we praise, our God and Father,

136.  Father, spring and source of blessing,

137.  We praise Thee, Lord, blest source of deepest joy,

138.  A holy Father's constant care

139.  This world is a wilderness wide

147.  Come! `Tis Jesus gently calling -

154.  Thou, Lord, to death's domain

155.  Blessed Lord, our hallelujahs"

160.  O bright and blessed hope!

161.  Son of God, with joy we view Thee,

164.  We need Thee, Lord, thus have we come together;

167.  "A little while" - the Lord shall come,

172.  O teach us more of Thy blest ways,

174.  O patient, spotless One,

175.  Everlasting glory unto Jesus be!

177.  Father, in Thy love unbounded,

178.  Blest Father, infinite in grace,

181.  Glory, Lord, is Thine for ever,

184.  Now in simple faith, Lord Jesus,

187.  I've found a Friend, O such a Friend!

188.  We see Thee, Lord of glory,

189.  O Lord, amid corruption,

192.  We love, Lord Jesus, to recall

194.  The night is far spent, and the day is at hand;

198.  "One Spirit," glorious Lord!

201.  Thou Holy One and True,

202.  Hark! hark! the voice of Christ, the sinner's Savior,

203.  O Lord, as now we gather to Thy Name

206.  Where the saints in glory thronging,

208.  God is sending out the message

210.  Our times are in Thy hand;

211.  God and Father, we Thy children

213.  In hope we lift our wishful, longing eyes,

216.  O the love of God is boundless,

217.  Why unbelieving?  Why wilt thou spurn

220.  I could not do without Thee,

225. O scenes of heavn'ly joy

228.  All through this desert dry

229.  When peace like a river attendeth my way,

233.  Jesus, Lord, we've come together

235.  We'll praise Thee, glorious Lord,

237.  O Love divine! which had its source,

244.  It is not with uncertain step

245.  I heard the voice of Jesus say,

247.  And is it so, we shall be like Thy Son?

249.  O Jesus, Lord, who loved us like to Thee?

251.  Lord, we rejoice that Thou art gone

254.  Lord, to our souls Thy light is ever pure,

260.  God, from His throne on high,

261.  Blest Spirit, we would sing to Thee,

263.  Lord, around Thee are Thy brethren,

265.  It passeth knowledge - wondrous love of Thine!

271.  Our God is light:  and though we go

272.  When I behold the wondrous Cross

413.  Love divine, all praise excelling

273.  How wondrous a Saviour is God's blessed Son!

278.  Saviour, we long to follow Thee,

279.  Jesus! the very thought of Thee

281.  Jesus, my Saviour! Thou art mine,

286.  I love to sing of Jesus,


289.  O Lamb of God, still keep us

290.  Jesus lingers still, `tis for you He waits,

292.  O God, supreme in majesty,

293.  Thy grace, O Lord, that measured once the deep

295.  Holy Spirit, gift divine,

298.  Lord, we treasure with affection

299.  What will it be with God to dwell,

302.  Gazing on Thee, Lord, in glory,

305.  God our Father, we Thy children

311.  Though deep, O Lord, our sorrow

313.  O wondrous Saviour, Jesus, Lord,

320.  O Come to the Saviour, He's calling today;

324.  We speak of the grace of our God,

326.  Lord, it has touched our hearts that Thou

327.  Our joyful hallelujahs

335.  Lord, Thy ways are past our searching,

343.  Lord, what is man? `Tis Christ who died,

345.  Lord, with joy we would acknowledge

350.  We hail Thee, Lord, our glorious Head,

353.  What will it be to dwell above,

354.  There is a wondrous story

358.  I heard the blessed story told,

361.  Nought is detaining us,

365.  Jesus, our Lord, Thou lovest to be near

369.  Precious Name! the Name of Jesus,

370.  Jesus, of Thee we ne'er would tire;

371.  We have a home above,

374.  Father, Thy love was deepest joy

375.  Lord Jesus, holy Lamb of God,

376.  O Lord, we've come together

377.  Saved for glory! yes, for glory

379.  Now that wondrous, living story

380.  Hearts awaking, Saviour, greet Thee;

384.  Rock of Ages! cleft for me,

386.  Jesus, Thou art coming, coming as the King,

387.  Lord, we wait for Thine appearing;

388.  Brightness of th' eternal glory,

389.  Holy Father, in Thy mercy

390.  O the peace for every flowing

391.  Spring up, O Spirit most holy!

396.  Precious, precious blood of Jesus,

397.  Jesus, Thy head, once crowned with thorns,

399.  For ever with the Lord!

400.  God manifest in flesh, O wonder of  His universe!

401.  Spirit of grace, O Thou whose hidden might

403.  Lord Jesus, to Thee be the worship,

405.  Master, we would no longer be

408.  O what a Saviour is Jesus the Lord!

410.  On the Lamb our souls are resting,

413.  Love divine, all praise excelling,

419.  Lord, Thou art with me!

420.  Glory, glory, glory, praise and adoration!

421.  What will it be when all life's toil is finished,

424. Thy death, O Lord, and sorrow

426.  "Man of sorrows!" what a name

427.  Whom have we, Lord, but Thee,

429.  O Jesus, Lord, Thou stoodest in my stead;

434.  We see not all things yet

435.  On that same night, Lord Jesus,

446.  Just as I am - without one plea

448.  Sing aloud to God, our strength!

449.  Glory to God! we sing:

450.  Blest be the God and Father

452.  Holy Spirit, Helper nigh,

458.  The Father sent the Son

459.  Into Thy presence, Lord, we come,

461.  God moves in a mysterious way

462.  Ours is a pardon bought with blood,

463.  Love's remembrance, Lord, Thou seekest

464.  Thy Name must live, whatever names may die;

468.  Father of glory, our songs we are raising;

472.  Jesus, Lord, we joy before Thee,

474.  O Lord, the joy of union,

475.  Wilt thou come or wilt thou linger?

476.  Where glory lights the courts on high,

479.  The bread and cup, O Lord, recall

480  Our god and Father, may our souls repose