Hymn 386 - "Jesus, Thou art coming, coming as the King,"


Jesus, Thou art coming, coming as the King,

To this world of sorrow happiness to bring;

Evil then shall vanish, wars and strife shall cease,

Thou, O mighty Victor, art the Prince of Peace.


All Thy works shall praise Thee; men both high and low,

From the least to greatest, Thee as Lord shall know;

All shall call Thee blessed, all Thy Name confess;

Jesus, Thou art worthy, Sun of righteous­ness! 


Jesus, Priest enthroned, Jesus, King of peace,

Thou art King of Salem, King of right­eousness ;

All Thy people call Thee, call from near and far:

Come, Thou Root of David, bright and Morning Star!


 Come, Thou King triumphant; all the earth is Thine; 

Show Thy mighty power, let Thy glory shine;

Come, Thou King of glory, Lord of hosts in heav'n,

Come,  Lord Jesus,  Saviour!  Even so, Amen.