Hymn 295 - "Holy Spirit, gift divine"


Holy Spirit, gift divine,

Praise and thanks be ever Thine;

Thou dost guide us here below,

Christ, our life, through Thee we know.

What a joy it is to be,

Blessed Spirit, here with Thee!


As to follow Thee we learn,

So Thy wisdom we discern;

Thou dost all our journey through

Teach us what to say and do;

To our minds the thoughts divine

Clear and plain before us shine.


 Holy Spirit, Thee we bless;

Comforter Thou art to us!

Death o'ershadows all the scene,

But on Thy support we lean.

Thou dost bring the glory nigh,

Help our faith to look on high.


All that Christ in love has giv'n,

All the Father's wealth from heav'n,

Richly through Thy service flow;

Help divine through Thee we know.

Leader, Thou, the desert through—

Thanks to Thee is ever due!