Hymn 75 - "Jesus, our Lord, Thy worthiness we sing,"


Jesus, our Lord, Thy worthiness we sing,

Thy peerless fame.

Our sacrifice of praise to Thee we bring,

And bless Thy Name.

Thy glories fill our vision with delight,

And heart and voice to honour Thee unite.



Yet wider praise in Zion waits for Thee,

Her Lord and King;

Creation too, in rest and liberty,

Shall tribute bring;

Both heav'n and earth shall Thy dominion own,

And every tongue confess Thee Lord alone.



More blessed still—Thine own peculiar joy

Thy saints shall be,

Who then shall find their constant blest employ

In praising Thee;

And with Thee, Lord, Thy glory shall behold,

While love delights its wonders to unfold.