Hymn 377 - "Saved for glory! yes, for glory,"


Saved for glory! yes, for glory,

By the work of God's blest Son;

Saved for glory, wondrous story,

We believe what Christ has done.

Saved for glory, saved by Jesus,

All our meetness His alone;

Meetness which the Father pleases

Ours should be, in Christ the Son. 



All of grace, yes, grace surpassing,

Such a portion to bestow;

But the love all knowledge passing,

Grace has called us now to know;

Love that bore the stripes and sorrow,

Love that suffered on the tree,

Love that shares the glorious morrow

With the loved ones, you and me.



Through that perfect Off'ring, never

Can our sins against us rise;

Perfected are we for ever

By that wondrous Sacrifice.

Jesus, Saviour! we are graven

Ever on Thy heart of love;

We shall reach the wished-for haven

In Thy Father's house above.