Hymn 379 - "Now that wondrous, living story"


Now that wondrous, living story

Would our lips delight to tell:

How the Lord of life and glory

Came in love with men to dwell.


How in deep, divine compassion,

Once He sat at Sychar's well;

Here as Man in form and fashion—

God come down with men to dwell!


As the Lamb of God He suffered

For thy sins He knew so well;

On the cross Himself He offered,

That thou mightest with Him dwell.


Come to Him! His heart so tender,

And His grace would thee compel;

Yield to Him in full surrender,

And with Him for ever dwell!


 Living water He would give thee;

Satisfied, thy praise shall swell

To the God who gives so freely,

Who would have thee with Him dwell.


Ask then for the Spirit Holy—

He who is the springing well,

Power for life and joy within thee—

He would come with thee to dwell.