Hymn 119 - "Our God and Father, we draw near to Thee"


Our God and Father, we draw near to Thee

In all the worth of Thy beloved Son;

All Thou hast e'er desired from man we see

In Him, Thy Christ, Thine own anointed One.



No thought of His e'er moved apart from Thine;

Each holy footstep gave Thee fresh de­light;

Perfect expression of Thy will divine

Thou hadst in Him—come forth from glory bright.



Thou ever lovedst Him—ere time began

He was beside Thee—One in all Thau art;

In Godhead counsel One, in that vast plan

In which Thou wouldst make known to men Thy heart.



And now Thou lov'st Him, for Himself He gave—

Theme of our song when time shall cease to be;

Laid down His life that Thou, O God, shouldst have

Fruit of Thy love in sons who worship Thee.