Hymn 203 - "O Lord, as now we gather to Thy Name"


O Lord, as now we gather to Thy Name

Here in the scene of Thy reproach and' shame,

Our   minds   are   filled   with precious thoughts of Thee,

And of Thy word, This do, remember Me.



 We view these emblems and would Thee recall,

The One who in Thy love hast giv'n Thine all;

Such wondrous giving that we fain would be

Yielded in mind and heart, O Lord, to Thee.



O blessedSpirit, Thou who giv'st us power

To leave all else and share in this blest hour,

Thee would we praise in joyful liberty,

As we delight in Christ adoringly.



So now, O Lord, our willing voices raise

A song of love, rejoicing in Thy praise;

Our hearts exult in thankfulness to Thee,

For Thine almighty love has set us free.