Hymn 468 - "Father of glory, our songs we are raising;"


Father of glory, our songs we are raising;

Such is Thy love, and so blessedly shown!

We are united in heart and in praising;

High we extol Thee, Thy glory we own.


 Him Thou hast given—unspeakable giv­ing,

Father of glory—the Son of Thy love!

Glorious answer—response of the living—

Sons ever with Thee, O Father, above. 


Yea, He has told us the wonderful se­crets,

Father of glory, once hidden from man;

Fully revealed now to us by Thy Spirit,

All Thou desiredst—eternity's plan!


Father of glory, we bow and adore Thee!

Restful our hearts as we wondering gaze.

O with what joy shall we offer before Thee

In the repose of Thy glory, our praise!