Hymn 273 - "How wondrous a Saviour is God's blessed Son!"


How wondrous a Saviour is God's blessed Son!

How great and eternal the work He has done!

God's glory maintained by His death no the tree,

While mercy flows freely to you and to me.


   How free is the pardon His blood has procured!

How blessed the welcome His Name has ensured

To all who confess Him their Saviour and Lord—

Now brought into favour, believing His word.


 On Calvary see Him, who died in our stead,

In glory behold Him exalted as Head;

God's wrath He endured on Calvary's tree,

By weakness and dying the Victor was He.


The Spirit has come from a glorified Lord,

Is given to those who obey God's own word;

Receiving this blessing, we live in God's love,

E'en now upon earth and for ever above.