Hymn 189 - "O Lord, amid corruption,"


O LORD, amid corruption,

Where hatred did abound,

Thy path of true perfection

Was light on all around.



In scorn, neglect, reviling,

Thy patient grace stood fast,

Man's malice unavailing

To move Thy heart to haste.



O'er all, Thy perfect goodness

Rose blessedly divine;

Poor hearts opprest with sadness

Found ever rest in Thine.



The strong man in his armour

Thou mettest in Thy grace,

Didst spoil the mighty charmer

Of our unhappy race.



Disease, and death, and demon,

All fled before Thy word,

As darkness, the dominion

Of day's returning lord!



Love, that made Thee a mourner

In this sad world of woe,

Proved wretched man a scorner

Of grace that brought Thee low.


O Lord, Thy  love's sweet savour

Shone forth in every deed,

And showed God's loving favor

To every soul in need.