Hymn 217 - "Our God is light:  and though we go"


Our God is light: and though we go

Across a trackless wild,

Jesus, Thy footsteps ever show

The path for every child.


At every step afresh we prove

How surely Thou dost guide,

In faithful and forbearing love

Which never turns aside.


Thou weariest not, most gracious Lord,

Though we may weary grow;

In season, the sustaining word

Thou giv'st our hearts to know.


Death's bitter waters met our thirst,

But Thou didst make them sweet;

Then on our gladdened vision burst

God's shady, cool retreat.


The manna and the springing well

Suffice for every need;

And Eshcol's grapes the story tell

Of where Thy path doth lead.