Hymn 89 - "Blest Spirit of adoption"


Blest Spirit of adoption,

Thy power is with us now,

As we approach the Father

Before His face to bow.

'Tis Thy delight to bring us

To this most blessed place,

Where access to the Father

Is ours, through Christ's own grace.



Most blest is this our portion

Which now, by Thee, we know,

As first of all the fam'lies

In heav'n or earth below:

For in this place of favour

There e'er ascends, by Thee,

Eternal praise and worship

From sons for ever free.



And unto Thee, blest Spirit,

Our praises now we sing,

And, by Thee, to the Father

Our glad response we bring;

For we, in Christ's own nearness

Before the Father's face,

Enjoy the wondrous favour

Of the Beloved's place.