Hymn 51 - "O Lord, Thy love's unbounded,"


O LORD, Thy love's unbounded,

So sweet, so full, so free;

My soul is all transported

Whene'er I think of Thee!


Yet, Lord, alas! what weakness

Within myself I find;

No infant's changing pleasure

Is like my wand'ring mind.


And yet Thy love's unchanging,

And doth recall my heart

To joy in all its brightness,

The peace its beams impart.


Yet sure, if in Thy presence

My soul still constant were,

Mine eye would, more familiar,

Its brighter glories bear.


And thus Thy deep perfections

Much better should I know,

And with adoring fervour

In this Thy nature grow.


Still sweet 'tis to discover,

If clouds have dimmed my sight,

When passed, eternal Lover,

Towards me, as e'er, Thou'rt bright.


O keep my soul, then, Jesus,

Abiding still with Thee,

And, if I wander, teach me

Soon back to Thee to flee;


That all Thy gracious favour

May to my soul be known;

And, versed in this Thy goodness,

My hopes Thyself shalt crown.