Hymn 147 - "Come! - `Tis Jesus gently calling -"


Come!—'tis Jesus gently calling—

Ye with care and toil opprest,

With your guilt, howe'er appalling,

Come, and I will give you rest.

On the cross He once has suffered,

There by Him the work was done;

And the word by God now uttered

To each weary soul is—Come!



Come!—the Father's house stands open

With its love and light and song;

And returning to that Father,

All to you may now belong.

From sin's distant land of famine,

Toiling 'neath the mid-day sun,

To a Father's house of plenty,

And a Father's welcome, Come! 


Come!—for night is gath'ring quickly

O'er this world's fast fleeting day;

If you linger in the darkness,

You will surely miss your way.

From the world and its delusion

Now our voices rise as one;

While we give God's invitation,

Heav'n itself re-echoes—Come!