Hymn 137 - "We praise Thee, Lord, blest source of deepest joy,"


We praise Thee, Lord, blest source of deepest joy,

Responsive to Thy voice of holy love;

Thou living spring of bliss without alloy,

Bright inlet to the light of heav'n above!



We praise Thee, Lord, for in Thy blessed face

God's glory shines for us without a veil;

And now Thou leadest us in righteous grace

To that blest place where praises never fail.



We live of Thee, we've heard Thy quick-'ning voice

speaking of love beyond all human thought—

Thy Father's love, in which we now re­joice,

As those in spirit to Thy Father brought.



Thou hast made known the Father, whom we've seen

In Thy blest person—infinite delight!

Yea, it suffices, though we here but glean

Some foretaste of His love, till all be light.