Hymn 47 - "Blest Lord, Thou spakest! `twas Thy voice


Blest Lord, Thou spakest! 'twas Thy voice

That led our hearts to Thee;

That drew us to that better choice,

Where grace has set us free.


Thou wouldest that we should rejoice,

And walk by faith below;

Enough, that we have heard Thy voice,

And learned Thy love's deep woe—


Thy glory, Lord: this living waste

To us no rest can give;

Our path is on with earnest haste,

Lord, in Thy rest to live.


Our happiness, O Lord, with Thee

Is long laid up in store,

For that blest day when Thee we'll see,

And conflict will be o'er.


Yes, love divine in Thee we know;

The Father's glories soon

Shall burst upon our ravished view,

Thyself our joy and crown.


Soon shall we see Thee as Thou art,

O hope for ever blest!

Thou'lt call us, in our heav'nly part,

The Father's house, to rest.


O rest ineffable, divine,

The rest of God above,

Where we shall ever see Thee shine,

Our joy, eternal love!