Hymn 278 - "Saviour, we long to follow Thee,"


Saviour, we long to follow Thee,

Do Thou our hearts prepare

To count all else, whate'er it be,

Unworthy of our care.


We are not now our own, but Thine,

The purchase of Thy blood,

And made, by grace and love divine,

The sons and heirs of God.


Thy Spirit, too, the present seal

Of all the Father's love,

Dwells in us now and doth reveal

The glorious rest above.


Thy life is now beyond the grave;

Our souls Thou hast set free;

Life, strength and grace in Thee we have,

And we are one with Thee.


O teach us so Thy power to know,

As risen, Lord, with Thee,

That we may own, while here below,

Thyself our life to be.