Hymn 95 - "Take Thou our hand, Lord Jesus,"


Take Thou our hand, Lord Jesus,

Thou knowest best;

Guide us at last, blest Saviour,

To God's own rest.

We cannot tread without Thee

The pathway true;

We need Thee near, whatever

We say or do.



Our feeble hearts, in mercy,

Do Thou sustain,

And keep them calm and peaceful

Through joy and pain.

Let us be often sitting

At Thy blest feet;

To be at home with Thee, Lord,

Is comfort sweet.



Though here we are not conscious

Of all Thy might,

Still to the goal Thou leadest

On through the night.

So take our hand, Lord Jesus,

Be Thou our Guide,

Till we, made blest and perfect,

Are glorified.