Hymn 43 - "What cheering words are these! -"


What cheering words are these!—

Their sweetness who can tell ?—

In time and to eternal days

'Tis with believers well!


In every state secure,

Watched by the Saviour's eye;

'Tis well with them should life endure,

And well if called to die;


Well in affliction's ways,

Or on the mount with God;

Well when they joy, and sing, and praise,

Or buffet with the flood.


'Tis well when joys arise,

'Tis well when sorrows flow,

Or darkness seems to veil the skies,

And strong temptations grow.


'Tis well when on the mount

They feast and joy in love;

And 'tis as well, in God's account,

When they the furnace prove.


But, above all, how well

When Jesus speaks the word,

And, at the trumpet's sounding swell,

They rise to meet their Lord!