Hymn 343 - ""Lord, what is man?"  `Tis Christ who died,"


"Lord, what is man?"  'Tis Christ who died,

And all Thy nature glorified;

Thy righteousness and grace displayed

When He for sins atonement made;

Obedient unto death, was slain—

Worthy is He o'er all to reign!


 Thy counsels ere the world began

All centred in the Son of man;

Head of the church His destined place,

Thy glory radiant in His face.

To Him, enthroned in majesty,

Let every creature bend the knee!


Worthy, O Son of man, art Thou

Of every crown that decks Thy brow;

Worthy art Thou to be adored

And owned as universal Lord;

O hasten that long-promised day

When all shall own Thy rightful sway!