Hymn 380 - "Hearts awaking, Saviour, greet Thee;"


Hearts awaking, Saviour, greet Thee;

Sleeping saints arising meet Thee;

Rising in enraptured love

To Thy rally from above.


Myriads, myriads, raised and living,

Blessed adoration giving

To the love, whose mighty tone

Rends the tomb to claim its own.


Raised and changed together thronging,

Quickened hosts to God belonging,

Fill with song the radiant air,

Sons of God, divinely fair.


Jesus died, but O His rising—

Angel hosts and men surprising—

Brings to God a glorious spoil,

Hosts unnumbered for His toil!


God supreme in power doth send Him,

Hosts exulting to attend Him;

Trump of God and angel voice

Bid the "dead in Christ" rejoice.