Hymn 133 - "O the wonder of the moment!"


O the wonder of the moment!

God outshining from above

To secure a scene of glory,

All responsive to His love.

Thoughts eternal are unfolded;

Now, in time, their wealth expressed,

For the men that He had purposed

Should with Christ, the Son, be blessed.



But the objects of that favour

Were in chains of bondage bound;

Guilty sinners must be ransomed,

And the lost must needs be found.

Love was thus in mercy seeking

Satan's captives from the fall,

And the wonder of the story—

Jesus died to save them all!



Thus that work in all its glory

Every thought of God maintains,

While His grace o'er all has triumphed,

And through righteousness now reigns.

Here the Spirit too bears witness

To the truth that all is done.

O the wonder of the moment—

God outshining in His Son!