Hymn 93 - "Hope of the waiting pilgrim's heart,"


Hope of the waiting pilgrim's heart,

Light of the coming day,

Arise, and with Thy morning beams

Chase all our griefs away!



Come, blessed Lord! bid every shore

And answering island sing

The praises of Thy royal Name,

And own Thee as their King.



Bid the whole earth, responsive now

To the bright world above,

Break forth in rapturous strains of joy

In memory of Thy love.



O Lord, Thy fair creation groans,

The air, the earth, the sea,

In unison with all our hearts,

And calls aloud for Thee.



Thine was the cross, with all its fruits

Of grace and peace divine;

Be Thine the crown of glory now,

The palm of vict'ry Thine!