Hymn 401 - "Spirit of grace, O Thou whose hidden might"


Spirit of grace, O Thou whose hidden might

Sustains us day by day the whole way through,

We bless Thee for Thy service, and unite

In rend'ring now the homage that is due.


Spirit of truth, `tis Thou who lead'st us on

Into the fulness of God's purpose here;

Thou takest heav'nly glories of the Son,

And bringest every precious feature near.


Filled with the favour Thou dost make us prove,

Spirit of life, with rev`rent hearts may we

More skillfully in service learn to move,

And for the power rely alone on Thee.


Clothe us with that humility, we pray,

That honours Thee and shows what Thou canst do;

Grant that the lustre of th' eternal day -

The day of God - shine in our hearts anew.