Hymn 135 - "Thee we praise, our God and Father,"


Thee we praise, our God and Father,

Thou Thy love hast shown;

Ere the world was, Thou didst choose us

For Thine own.



Thou Thine only Son hast given,

Thou art glorified,

For in love to bring us near Thee,

He has died.



By the Spirit now indwelling

We with Christ have part;

Father! we Thy sons now call Thee,

From our heart.



Love divine our present portion,

Heaven's choicest store;

Thee we worship, God and Father,

Thee adore!



Soon in Thine own house around Thee

Still our praise shall swell,

Sons before Thee ever joying

We shall dwell.



For His praise who glorified Thee

We like Him shall be;

Firstborn He of many brethren

Praising Thee.