Hymn 361 - "Nought is detaining us,"


Nought is detaining us,

Lord, in earth's sphere;

Thy love constraining us,

We have drawn near.

Thou hast this love expressed,

Now in Thy beauty dressed

We can be found at rest

Joyfully here. 


Lord, Thy desire we know

As Spirit-taught;

That love which Thou dost show

Is not for nought!

Our heart Thyself enthrones;

Hark to the heav'nly tones!

We, of Thy flesh and bones—

O what a thought! 


 Lord, in this vessel chaste

Incense is found;

All that delights Thy taste

Doth here abound.

Thou, Lord, our Husband art!

Now to Thy loving heart

From Thy blest counterpart

Praises resound.