Hymn 290 - "Jesus lingers still, `tis for you He waits,"


Jesus lingers still, 'tis for you He waits,

And He's waited for you long;

He waits that heav'n with its fadeless joy,

May yet to you belong.


Come and welcome, welcome whoso­ever will,

'Tis the Saviour's gracious call;

He is able, willing, waiting now to save;

Simply trust Him, that is all.


Though your wayward feet have wandered far,

And you're deeply sunk in sin,

Yet in patient grace now the Saviour waits,

Your weary heart to win.


Though His gracious call you have oft refused,

And He's sought your trust in vain,

Yet with love unchanged by cold neglect

He is seeking you again.


O surrender now, yield to love divine,

Jesus lingers for you still;

While in grace He says,

"Come unto Me,"

Let your answer be, I will!