Hymn 86 - "Through the love of God our Saviour,"


Through the love of God our Saviour, All will be well;

Free and changeless is His favour,

All, all is well.

Mighty is the power that healed us,

Precious is the grace that sealed us,

Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us:

All must be well.



Though we pass through tribulation,

All will be well;

Ours is such a full salvation,

All, all is well.

Happy still in God confiding;

Fruitful, if in Christ abiding;

Steadfast, through the Spirit's guiding:

All must be well.



We expect a bright tomorrow;

All will be well.

Faith can sing through days of sorrow,

All, all is well.

On our Father's love relying,

Jesus every need supplying,

Or in living, or in dying,

All must be well.