Hymn 216 - "O the love of God is boundless,"


O the love of God is boundless,

Perfect, causeless, full and free!

Doubts have vanished, fears are ground­less,

Now I know that love to me.

Love, the source of all my blessing,

Love that set itself on me;

Love that gave the spotless Victim,

Love told out at Calvary.

'Tis love displayed by Jesus,

When alone at Calvary.



O the cross of Christ is wondrous!

There I learn God's heart to me;

Midst the silent, deep'ning darkness,

"God is light" I also see.

Holy claims of justice finding

Full expression in that scene,

Light and love alike are telling

What yon woe and suff'rings mean.

My guilt was borne by Jesus

When in darkness on the tree.



O the sight in heav'n is glorious!

Man in righteousness is there;

Once the Victim, now victorious,

Jesus lives in glory fair!

Him who met the claims of glory,

And the need of ruined man

On the cross—O wondrous story!—

God has set at His right hand.

How rightly crowned is Jesus,

He who once atonement made!