Hymn 88 - "Thou gav'st us, Father, in Thy love,"


Thou gav'st us, Father, in Thy love,

To Christ to bring us home to Thee,

Suited to Thine own thoughts above,

As sons like Him, with Him to be



In Thine own house. There love divine

Fills the bright courts with cloudless joy;

But 'tis the love that made us Thine

Fills all that house without alloy.


O boundless grace!   What fills with joy

Unmingled, all that enter there—

God's nature, love without alloy—

Our hearts are giv'n e'en now to share.



God's righteousness with glory bright,

Which with its radiance fills that sphere—

E'en Christ, of God the power and light—

Our title is that light to share.



O Mind divine, so must it be

That glory all belongs to God!

O Love divine, that did decree

We should be part, through Jesus' blood.