Hymn 134 - "We sing to Thee, Lord Jesus,"


We sing to Thee, Lord Jesus,

We own Thy claims supreme;

The greatness of Thy person,

Our all-engaging theme:

The glory of Thy manhood,

The charm of Thine own grace.

Attracted by Thy beauty,

We yield to Thine embrace.



How fair is Thy companion!

How pleasing in Thy sight!

To be Thy joy for ever,

Object of Thy delight;

Fruit of Thine own blest service,

For whom Thou gav'st Thy life;

The answer to Thy suff'rings,

Thy glory, Lord, Thy wife!




The joyous consummation

Of union, Lord, with Thee,

As of Thee, like Thee, for Thee,

Now, and eternally;

In wifely understanding

A comfort to Thy heart—

God's answer to Thy longings,

Thy like, Thy counterpart!