Hymn 136 - "Father, spring and source of blessing,"


Father, spring and source of blessing,

Grateful praise to Thee we bring;

Objects of Thy sovereign favour,

Gladly of Thy love we sing:

Love that found its full expression

In Thy well-beloved Son,

Who now dwelling in Thy bosom,

Has Thy love made fully known.



Thine eternal, gracious purpose

Now to us in Christ is shown,

Purpose fraught with richest blessing

For the sons Thou hadst foreknown.

Brought to rest within the circle

Where love's treasures are displayed,

There we drink the living waters,

Taste the joys that never fade.



Brought to know Thy Well-beloved,

Drawn to Him in boundless grace—

Thine effulgence, love and glory

Shining in His blessed face—

We adore Thee, God and Father,

May Thy Name exalted be!

Praise and worship we would render

Now as in eternity.