Hymn 320 - "O come to the Saviour, He's calling today;"


O come to the Saviour, He's calling today;

How long wilt thou linger? His voice now obey.

He's speaking from heaven in love to thy soul;

His blood He has given; wilt thou be made whole?


The Father is calling, His language is, Come!

His rich grace is bringing the wanderers home;

His heart is delighting the lost ones to bless;

His love is inviting the weary to rest.


No need now to labour, the work has been done;

To be in God's favour, believe on the Son!

Christ's death has secured salvation so free;

The cross He endured for you and for me.


The Saviour is coming for all who believe,

From heaven descending His own to re­ceive.

O sinner, confess Him, the throne-seated Lord;

And thou shalt be with Him where He is adored.