Hymn 208 - "God is sending out the message"


God is sending out the message

Of His wondrous love and grace,

Sends it from the highest glory,

Radiant in the Saviour's face.

O this precious light is telling

God's full favour now to man;

From the glory it is streaming—

Ne'er such news since time began!



 God has full delight in Jesus,

Brightest glory He has won;

He has died, and through His dying

All God's pleasure will be done.

O what blessing in believing

In the One who came to die,

And the glorious light receiving

Of God's Son enthroned on high!



God has given all to Jesus,

All shall prosper in His hand;

Every knee shall bow to Jesus,

All obey God's own command.

Come, then, trust this peerless Saviour,

Prove the riches of His grace;

Live for ever in God's favour

As it shines in Jesus' face!