Hymn 17 - "Art thou lonely, heavy laden?"


Art thou lonely, heavy laden?

Has thy heart despondent grown

Seems thy path to lead in darkness,

Where no ray of hope is known?


 Hast thou heard of never thirsting,

Living waters, springing wells,

Streams of everlasting gladness,

Joy wherein no sadness dwells?


  Wilt thou turn e'en now to Jesus,

Find in Him each longing stilled?

God invites thee, we beseech thee;

Why remain with heart unfilled?


Once on Calv'ry's cross He suffered,

Once He died and bled for thee;

Made atonement, bore the judgment,

And believing, thou art free—


Free to live to serve the Saviour,

By the Holy Spirit sealed,

Joying in that love so precious,

Which in death He has revealed;


Waiting for that shout from heaven

Calling all for whom He died,

Raising dead and changing living—

Thus His heart is satisfied:


Taken up to be with Jesus

In the Father's house above;

With the ransomed hosts in glory,

Living in the Father's love.