Hymn 3 - "For ever with Thee, Lord,"


FOR ever with Thee, Lord,

    And like Thee to be,

For ever with Thee, at Thy coming again;

 We'll live in Thy grace, Lord,

 We'll gaze on Thy face,

 When finished our race, at Thy coming again.


The traits of that face, Lord,

Once marred through Thy grace,

With joy we shall trace at Thy coming again;

With Thee evermore, Lord,

Our hearts will adore,

 Our sorrow be o'er at Thy coming again.


We'll sit on Thy throne, Lord,

Confessed as Thine own,

 Of all to be known at Thy coming again.

But glory on high, Lord,

Is not like being nigh,

When all is gone by, at Thy coming again.