Hymn 184 - "Now in simple faith, Lord Jesus,"


Now in simple faith, Lord Jesus,

I behold Thy blessed face;

And Thy changeless, loving favour

Gives me certain peace;



Satisfies my deepest longings,

Meets the need of every hour;

All my fears dispels for ever

By Thy wondrous power.



Lord, be Thou my comfort ever;

Saviour, I would claim Thee mine;

For Thy richest love and blessing

Give me joy divine.



 Splendour of eternal glory,

Spring of peace art Thou to me;

Keep me still Thy grace enjoying

Till Thy face I see.



O how great Thy loving-kindness,

Vaster, broader than the sea!

O how marvellous the blessings

Now bestowed on me!



Who can tell the wondrous measure

Of the love upon me poured?

And my certainty of promise

Is Thyself, O Lord!