Letters on the Failure and Departure in the Christian walk


Dear ______,
Yes, I agree that the Lord continues - in faithfulness - to provide for his own.  The difficulty that I see is that, for so many, the shredded gourds are bringing death to the pot.  It is the admixture that is so damaging - I wrote to a sister last year that it is not what is right that is the issue; but, what is wrong.  Everywhere there is spoken (amongst so many of the young people in particular) half the language of Ashdod.  This is especially damaging for the future (young people) of the testimony.
We spoke Lord's Day that the Scripture speaks of an "approved workman" and of oneself being able to "cut in a straight line the word of truth."  In the division of the land under Moses and Joshua the lines of demarcation between the tribes were uneven; however, when one comes to Ezekiel the thoughts of God are made clear - the lines are straight.  Some of the JND Bibles show this at the back of those Bibles.  We should all be such workmen.
Yes, we know some from Australia (you have a good memory) - from the Sydney area.  As a matter of fact, some of them are supposed to visit us in a bit over a week - one of the sisters we know, her husband and some of their family are taking a bit of a journey including the North American continent.  It'll give you an excuse to visit down under to visit your family.
In Christ,

Hi ______,
One of the Lord's prophecies is as to the kingdom of Heaven being likened to a mustard seed which became a great tree.  In it roosted the birds of heaven (an unclean idea).
This is so true.  In contrast, the Lord is the Tree of Life - if we feed on Him we receive wholesome food.  I feel that, in a general way, it is unprofitable to forage around Christendom - the wild gourds (shredded into the pot) are pervasive.
The daughter of a local brother here told my daughter recently that her father would find atheistic views and then go to scripture to disprove them (privately - to his own satisfaction).  I admonished him that Paul writes as to Satan that "we are not ignorant of his thoughts" - this is something a bit different from trolling for (the expression of) those thoughts.
The confusion in Christendom is appalling.
I trust all are well with you and yours.  We are well here. 
We have been blessed with an exemplary year in our business and thank the Lord for His grace.
In christian love to all,