A Letter regarding the necessity for pursuing righteousness once separating from evil


December 15, 2007

Dear _______,

I have read through your letter and can say that I agree with much of what you say – especially as to the features of “brethrenism” showing up among many over the years.

Before I forget, I should say that I was pleased and heartened to learn of ____ now being home and recovering.  What a relief and what a blessing from the Lord.  We have a very sick neighbor for whom we’ve been praying unceasingly – not only for her healing but for her (and her family’s) salvation.

Without entering into a variety of details as to doctrines and events, what I see, _______, is this:  “the firm foundation of God stands”.  This was essentially written, as we know, in and for a time of breakdown – certainly we have such a time now.

We can say much as to Brethren, ministries, preachers, teachers, missionaries, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Catholics, etc.; however, the key responsibility we each have as Christians is that of our Christian responsibilities to Heaven – individually first and collectively second.

You mentioned that you “delivered your soul” and I thought of 2nd Timothy 2 – the believer is to separate from what is wrong and, as a result, becomes serviceable to the Master.  The next step is the reflex of the first step of separation, and that 2nd step is to “pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those that call upon the Lord out of a pure heart.”   There is no thought in this passage of anything less than full responsibility.  The two steps are linked – they cannot, in principle, be viewed or be effectively entered into separately.  Separate from evil; but, to what?  Righteousness, of course, including all who have done the same.

I believe you are abrogating your primary Christian responsibilities.  Scripture shows that these responsibilities – most prominently seen and fulfilled when rightly Breaking Bread – must absolutely be a precursor to any useful, subsequent service.