Thanksgiving in Bereavement - JB Stoney



... I know how hard it is to thank the Lord for taking a beloved one home to Himself, and yet I feel that He expects and waits for us to do so. Nay more, we shall not have communion with Him regarding His ways unless we enter into the wisdom of it. Why is it that we are so slow to see that He must rejoice that the time is come to release His beloved one from the discipline of this evil scene ? And we ought to rejoice that there is one more tie and attraction to lead us to where He is. It is happy for Him, and even apart from the thought of His happiness it ought to be happy for us. And for you, dearest------------- , the many waves of sorrow which have gone over you will only usher you to that cloudless shore, and to the whole circle of your own children, who learned from you the first lispings of that song, which they, and you, and we shall sing for ever. Do not give way to grief, show us all that you are satisfied with the Lord's way, and that you are cheerfully going after her—only a day's march behind.