The principle of Love - by JB Stoney



Love is always satisfied if its object is served, even though the service be not rendered by oneself. I judge of a per­son's love by his attention to my smallest wants. I judge of his character by his mode and manner of executing the smallest acts. A person who would assay to air my gloves and through thoughtlessness would let them be burnt, I should set down as having a thought of affection, but not being ruled by it. You see this constantly in Christians with regard to the Lord; there is good intention, a hopeful commencement, but indifferent accomplishment. The Lord said, "I have not found thy works perfect before God". Nothing tests every principle of execution like the finishing of it. If you are ruled by the principle, you must finish; you must bring your work to perfection. For discernment watch the little acts. For love attend to the little acts, for love has great discernment. For the truth's sake do not let what you have taken in hunting be un­profitable, because you are too slothful to roast it; that is to finish it. After taking pains to air the gloves do not forget to preserve them from too much of the fire.  If you mind the moral pence the pounds will take care of themselves. You will be wise, you will be loving in truth, and you will be useful.